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Not to be used near Electricity

Aluminium Step Stool


European Standard EN131
Class Professional
Usage Semi-Rigorous Use
Duty Medium
Material Aluminium
Max Load Capacity 150 Kgs
Max Working Height 2.90 Mtr

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Step Stool | Professional | Semi-Rigorous Use

Model No. SA0224M

Product Code Steps Weight Standing Height Width Dimension Steps Width Working Height
SA0224M02 1+1 7.7 0.60 0.35 250×350 0.15 2.6
SA0224M03 2+1 9.6 0.90 0.35 250×350 0.15 2.9
All measurements in Mtr and weight in Kgs (Approx) Horizontal/Lateral Stabilizers provided with models above 3 Mtr

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