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Not to be used near Electricity

H Frames

Model No. FF01

  • H-frames scaffolds are provided with special lattices to enable safe & easy access for workers and are interconnected by scissor type cross-braces, which are secured to the H-frames by specially designed pins, welded
    onto the frames and locked in position.
  • Standard Light Duty ‘H’ frames are manufactured out of 42 mm OD pipes for the main frame and 25 OD pipes for
    the lattice.
  • Boards or Steel Planks are placed across the completed frame scaffolding sections. The frame system is divided into H frame and walkthrough frame. Mainly composed of mainframe, cross brace, catwalk, and base jack.
  • Excellent rigidity due to welded construction & cross-bracings
  • No tools required for erection.
  • Quick & easy to erect. Erection can be done even by unskilled labor.
  • Excellent for use as scaffold tower around concrete hoist ideal for use as access scaffolding.
  • It can be used not only for internal and external scaffolding in construction but also for supporting bridges or simple
    moving scaffolding.
  • Main Frame Size: Width 1219mm X Height 2000mm.
  • 1 Set includes 2 H-Frame (12.8 Kg), 2 Cross Braces (3.2 Kg) & 4 Spigot Pins (½ Kg). (Total Weight 34 Kg Approx.)