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Not to be used near Electricity

Baker Scaffolding

Baker /Perry style/ Narrow frame scaffoldings, are among the most popular construction equipment because of their versatility. They are preferred over ladders because they allow workers to maintain their balance and work with extra ease and safety while working on the scaffolding platform. Baker scaffoldings are a pre-fabricated mobile scaffolds generally used to undertake overhead tasks at the construction sites. They are mostly used indoors for accessing ceilings or upper section of walls where one needs to reposition the ladders while working. This scaffolding is best suitable for painting, installing drywall, plastering, handling materials like ducts or even for laying overhead cables and other jobs where workers need to frequently change positions. These scaffoldings can be adapted to stairs, ramps, and other uneven surfaces. Because of it’s compact dimensions (1.8 Mtr Length x 0.9 Mtr Width), it is very convenient to manoeuvre through doors and narrow passages. The maximum reachable working height using baker scaffolding is 6.2 Mtr. Below this height it can be congured to any height


Platform length 1.8 Mtr
Tower width 0.90 Mtr
Tower Length 1.8 Mtr
Min Platform Height 1.2 Mtr
Max Platform Height 4.2 Mtr
Max Working Height 6.2 Mtr
SWL of Tower 450 Kgs
Joint type Full 360° welded frame joint connections

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