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Not to be used near Electricity

Concrete Edge Protection-Edge Bracket System

Model No. EPCEP03

The AFFIX Edge Bracket offers this system which can be attached to any suitable vertical surface. This could be a slab edge, timer cassette edge or pre-cast stair stringer. This system is ideal for erecting barrier systems on precast concrete slab edges.
Edge bracket units can be used over the slab or fixed away from the slab edge for internal brickwork concourse levels. This system has the option to position the Post 100mm off the face, providing access for edge finishing to be completed safely.

The system is fitted using a single fixing, the edge bracket remains stable by spiking the concrete when tightened.

Edge bracket system comprises:

  1. Edge bracket
  2. Safety post 1.3 m with Spring Pin
  3. Mesh barrier 1.3 m L, 2.6 m L

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