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Edge Protection Scaffolding System in Saudi Arabia

With the increasing urbanization, an increasing number of high-rise and tall commercial building projects are coming up. Thus, construction companies and contractors are highly concerned for the health and safety of the onsite workers along with the debris protection. In the cast concrete construction, construction slabs extend beyond a building’s footprint and hence there is a chance for debris to fall over the edge unless the ideal edge protection system has been installed. It is a bitter truth that health and safety should never be compromised in the construction industry, so companies in this sector should invest in a good quality edge protection system.

Edge Protection Systems – The First Line of Defense

An edge protection system is a temporary structure used as the first line of defense to secure the open edges at construction sites and buildings to prevent workers or objects from falling from height. It is also known as a fall prevention system that secures building and construction edges, elevators, passageways, and other areas from where people or materials are at risk of falling from height. We, at affixksa, offer a comprehensive range of edge protection systems that meet all the essential safety standards of the industry and ensure that construction companies meet all rigorous industry regulations. This engineered edge fall prevention system is one of the safest and most cost-effective systems used to ensure protection for workers.

The Benefit of Edge Protection

The edge protection system is extremely useful for all sorts of under-construction buildings, especially large-scale buildings, civil engineering worksites, and residential buildings, and is also used in flat roof renovation, protecting people during vehicle loading and unloading and preventing people from falling into excavations and deep holes. A portion of the advantages of this framework include:

  • Keep individuals and materials from tumbling to bring down levels from the functioning stage.
  • When installed as per the manufacturer’s guidelines provide a secure working environment for people working in height.
  • The edge protection system is simple and easy to install and assemble.
  • This system is extremely lightweight so it is easy to lift and carry

Why is Edge Protection Popular in Saudi Arabia?

Edge Protection Systems are temporary structures used in the construction industry and businesses to primarily prevent people and materials from falling from the working platform. It consists of a principle guardrail along with an intermediated guardrail or intermediate protection system. A toe board can also be attached to this system and all the components of the edge protection system are designed to avoid accidental removal of any component during the use. The reasons or features of the edge protection system that has led to its popularity in Saudi Arabia are:

  • This system is a well-thought-out product that is tested for various safety solutions to ensure the highest level of safety and reliability.
  • The robust edge protection system comes with anti-corrosive protection to ensure the long-term durability of all its elements.
  • This system protects the edges of any shape and has great growth opportunities for the markets. Besides, there is also an increase in disposable income which is also a factor contributing to its increased demand in the market.
  • With the increasing number of accidental cases in the construction industry due to no protection for slab edges are also leading to the growth of the edge protection system in the market.
  • This system is simple and easy to assemble and does not require trained and qualified people for the installation.
  • Edge protection system cones equip with special transport baskets that allow loading, unloading, transport, and storage of all the elements.
  • The different elements of the system are connected to each other with a special click fit technique that guarantees connection until it is dismantled.

Uses of Edge Protection System

  • The edge protection system is the first line of defense that secures the open edges in construction sites and buildings.
  • A fall protection system becomes essential while working above a free fall distance of 2.0m or on a height falling from where may cause injury.
  • These are permanently fixed to parapets to consistently prevent falls from height.
  • The edge protection system is also used in historical buildings as well as other visually sensitive buildings made with modern architecture.

Different Types of Edge Protection Systems available in Saudi Arabia

We are a leading supplier of edge protection systems in Saudi Arabia and offer a different range of edge protection systems to cater to the diverse safety and security need of the construction industry.

  • Stair Edge Protection: It is the most popular protection device in the market that is widely used in timber, steel, and concrete staircases. This provides a low cost, high performance, and effective protection for stair edges during the construction work.
  • Concrete Edge Protection-Bolt Down System: Bolt-Down systems make sure that all concrete panels, slabs, and core-filled block walls are safely contained with temporary edge protection. This system can be quickly and easily fitted to provide a safety barrier around roof lines or slabs or walkways’ edges.
  • Concrete Edge Protection-Slab Grab System: The slab grab system is the ideal solution for concrete decking operations. If anchoring into the structure is not possible, then this type of protection system is ideal for providing collective protection for the workers.
  • Concrete Edge Protection-Edge Bracket System: The concrete edge bracket system helps to create protection against falls from the slab edge.
  • Stair Edge Protection-Handrail Type: Clamp Base: This system is designed with workers’ safety in mind and allows easy access during construction. By installing this system contractors can save man-hours for employees climbing ladders.
  • Steel Structure Edge Protection-Clamp Type: The steel structure edge protection system is used where it is necessary to protect construction workers and objects from falls.
  • Scaffold Edge Protection System: This type of edge protection system can be combined with scaffolds to ensure safety on platform levels, slabs, access points, and roofs.
  • H20 Beam Edge Protection System: The H20 Timber Beam Edge protection system is used for securely fixing beams and cornices to timber and timber formwork.

Why buy Edge Protection from

We, at Affixksa, are a reckoned and eminent name in the edge protection industry that is acknowledged for its safety innovations in the high-rise construction industry. Some of the advantages of buying an edge protection system from Affix are:

  • Our edge protection system reduces workplace hazards accidents in the high-rise construction industry.
  • We manufacture innovative safety edge protection products by remaining committed to the environment.
  • We manufacture durable safety edge protection systems that meet and exceed the highest level of safety standards.
  • Our protection systems are simple and easy to install and dismantle.
  • We are the pioneer of innovative edge protection systems for the construction industry.